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Dance Space AI Vibration Owner

●Monday       7:30 Jazz/ Adv

●Tuesday       5:00 Kpop/ Adv

●Wednesday 4:00 Jazz/ Beg, Int

                     5:00 Kpop/ Beg, Int

●Friday         4:00 Kpop/ Beg, Int

●Saturday     4:00 Hiphop-jazz/ Beg

                     5:00 Street-jazz/ Int, Adv


 I moved to California in 2015 and May of 2022 established Dance Space AI Vibration. 

​Now we have dance family is in Torrance and Irvine.

​AIV's Motto

 Dancing is so FUN!! 

We would like to teach kids how much fun it is to dance, of course skills too.

However we want to students learn more the importance of teamwork and how good it feels to dance together in a dance company. We want our dance class to be a time and space where we could all be united together, like a joyful family :)


Monday 6:30 Hiphop/ Adv
uesday 6:00 Kpop/ Adv
●Friday    5
:00 Kpop/ Int

​In 2021, studied dance at Orange Coast College in the U.S., earning an Associate in Dance and a dance instructor certificate.

​Let's learn Hip-hop!!

​●Sat 6:00 Jazzfunk/ Adv

Performed in numerous dance showcases in LA such as Carnival, Club Jete and Posers with Tony Tzar, Nico Oconner etc.
A lot of experience she has.

Let's Try Jazzfunk. You can feel
"So much FUN!!!"

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